Dopo una prima parte dedicata allo studio del canto nel senso più classico del termine, ho abbracciato anche una visione più olistica di quello che è il canto come strumento di espressione della propria verità. Libera dai condizionamenti legati allo studio del canto canonico, di cui custodisco la preziosità. Formazione che ho esteso a vari ambiti legati alla crescita spirituale.


Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana

- Diploma di pedagogia in canto
- CAS in didattica nell’insegnamento vocale/strumentale
- Diploma di educazione musicale elementare (EME)
- Attestato di direzione corale di voci bianche

Diploma Estill Voice Training (EVT) Voicecraft - Master VMS con Loretta Martinez

Diploma di VOICING© Practitioner - con Pratiba De Stoppani

Diploma di Oceanic Bodyworker® Fuoco e Terra - con Nirvano Martina Schulz

Formazione base di Oceanic Bodyworker® Acqua e Aria - con Nirvano Martina Schulz

Nozioni di sciamanesimo

Terapista sonora e energetica

After extensive classical music studies in Switzerland, Nikla took her personal passion to a level where she experienced true healing through the power of the voice.

She was called to VOICING©, a therapeutic and innovative spiritual approach. Thanks to Pratiba De Stoppani. Nikla is a VOICING© pratictioner and she supports people to reconnect to a state of authenticity, uniqueness and truth of their innermost being.

Through the years, Nikla’s approach has taken a holistic form in different ways: the sounds of the body and the shifting of emotional expression via breath, bodywork, touch and movement. Under the guidance of Nirvano Martina Schulz, Nikla became an Oceanic Bodyworker® - Fire and Earth and Oceanic Bodyworker® - Water. These approaches are very gentle yet extremely effective methods of physical treatments. They touch on the totality of the human being ; body, mind and soul.

Nikla also holds sound meditations using, with her voice, the healing effect of different instruments including tibetan bowls, kochi chimes, gong, monochord, and more.

By following a path that she is walking, with interconnected steps, Nikla’s dedication and gift is to offer her caring presence with an intention of touching the heart with gentleness and kindness.