JUNE 28-4 July, 2020

with Maya Abou Chedid and Guest-Collaborator Nikla Rabamashi Bontadelli - Sound and Voice Expression Specialist, Bodyworker on Land and in Water


Preparation For & Integration After Ceremonies with Plant Medicine

WEEK-LONG Shamanic Retreats

Many people come to Peru or other parts of the world without or with little preparation for their plant medicine retreats and leave immediately after ceremony(ies) without the tools to start integrating what they have experienced including maintaining an ongoing connection with the Spirits of the Plants in their daily life.

As a former Apprentice Shaman at a plant medicine retreat center in Iquitos and a holistic practitioner, Maya has helped guiding hundreds of guests in around 400 ceremonies with plant medicine and she recently created "Orenda Medicina" to facilitate personal and group work as a part of her ongoing medicine path.

Through Orenda Medicina, she is offering retreats that are small, one week long and are based on creating a safe medicine space to guide and assist people in practical ways to “Prepare for” and/or “Integrate” their work with plant medicine.

The retreats are organized in a beautiful private location on the Pacific Ocean and they are set to offer everything needed to help you:

- Set a vital, functional and balanced groundwork to direct, use and practice with discernment in the preparation work before ceremony and afterwards; in life.

- Establish healthy ways to communicate with the body, the mind, the emotions and the spirit in daily elemental ceremonies including cleansing and grounding…

- Learn and practice holistic modalities: sensorial practices, yoga, sacred motion, breathwork, meditation, therapeutic bodywork, art expression and other ...

If you are looking for additional guidance to prepare for a ceremony or to carry through your integration work, check our schedule for the upcoming retreats on the FB Group: Orenda Medicina or follow @oredamedicina on IG.

In Love & Medicine.

Maya Abou Chedid

About Nikla

After extensive classical music studies in Switzerland, Nikla took her personal passion to a level where she experienced true healing through the power of the voice.

She was called to VOICING©, a therapeutic and innovative spiritual approach. Thanks to Pratiba De Stoppani. Nikla is a VOICING© pratictioner and she supports people to reconnect to a state of authenticity, uniqueness and truth of their innermost being.

Through the years, Nikla’s approach has taken a holistic form in different ways: the sounds of the body and the shifting of emotional expression via breath, bodywork, touch and movement. Under the guidance of Nirvano Martina Schulz, Nikla became an Oceanic Bodyworker® - Fire and Earth and Oceanic Bodyworker® - Water. These approaches are very gentle yet extremely effective methods of physical treatments. They touch on the totality of the human being ; body, mind and soul.

Nikla also holds sound meditations using, with her voice, the healing effect of different instruments including tibetan bowls, kochi chimes, gong, monochord, and more.

By following a path that she is walking, with interconnected steps, Nikla’s dedication and gift is to offer her caring presence with an intention of touching the heart with gentleness and kindness.