Sound Meditation


Sound is at the origin of life. Everything living emits a specific sound frequency that is a rippling vibration; a language that is heard and absorbed affecting a rearrangement, a shift in a certain form and a movement in a natural flow.

The power of sound can change the molecular structure of a space and everything within that space.

Sound Meditation is a journey in space (Spirit) and time (Body) merging your inner world with your outer while being carried by a river of sound, playing and flowing through the stream of different instruments accompanied by a purity of vocal expression.

This journey of sound will touch every part of your being through the portals of all the senses as your pores absorb the nourishment that your body needs and your soul knows.

Listen, receive and expand your world with the power of sound.

What to bring with you:

  • Blindfolds.
  • A big shawl.
  • Your inner smile.

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