VOICING© International Training 1

To construct a building, one must first dig and anchor the foundation. Similarly, rediscovering ourselves and our true nature begins with the reactivation of our original force that underlies our Being. From there we can draw the nourishment we need to give depth and substance to our voice.

The first module of the Training starts with a deep exploration of the first chakra. We go into this exploration to rediscover and strengthen our sense of being rooted, solid and strong. It is a journey into the lowest and unknown tones of our voice, also for the purpose of letting difficulties emerge. In the first chakra we deal with issues related to the relationship with our body, with nature, with survival, with the life force. To the point of contacting the very meaning of our origins as human beings.

This contact reactivates the essential dimensions of solidity, consistency and courage allowing us to discover and appreciate our bodily strength. We face, process and absorb the fear of abuse, both in experiencing and expressing physical violence.

Another theme addressed is to investigate the need for identification with a group, culture, nation, religion, territory. Issues confronting the world today more than ever as they create much aggression, insecurity and bewilderment. Through this journey into the depths of our being we will also touch on issues related to origin, survival, and the fear of being stupid and gross.

The reactivation to harmonization of the first chakra creates the support to be able to open up to one’s feelings without being overwhelmed by them, to express oneself and act in the world while maintaining one’s integrity and dignity and respect for one’s body, and to have a valuable support for meditation.

We thus come to touch the deep Essential dimensions of peace and silence, steeped in ancient wisdom, which reconnect us with the shamanic knowledge of our most distant ancestors. The Essential qualities that are activated here are red, white, gray and black.