VOICING© International Training 2

In this module we begin the first part of exploring the second chakra. Having secured our roots and activated self-awareness, we can now move forward to rediscover the sensitive yet powerful dimension of our feelings.

It is a very vast, complex, often entirely new field that is sometimes awe-inspiring because it is unknown to us and has been condemned by an upbringing that, has neither shown us how to manage our feeling, nor supported us. Feeling one’s emotions is an art to be rediscovered and learned in order to feel more vital, pulsating, whole, and in touch with our deepest truth. The emotional body is a great gift that life has given us and is the basis of our creativity.

It is very important to allow oneself to vibrate with the complexity and diversity of one’s feelings in order to be open to singing that reveals depth, passion and intensity and give the voice the qualities of warmth, vitality and passion.

In this module we also turn our attention to the effects of consonants on our system and in particular their connection to the emotional body and its expression. The voice helps support and express feelings, sometimes disruptive and intense, by channeling them into song, restoring their dignity and expression.

We thus discover that even anger has its own precise vibration that not only provides the song with intensity, vitality and momentum but simultaneously restores an energy of strength and power in the whole individual.

The color of the essential quality of the second chakra is orange.